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Arkansas Officer Tommy Norman Daughter Alyssa Norman Death, What Happened To Alyssa Norman?

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Arkansas Officer Tommy Norman Daughter Alyssa Norman Death, What Happened To Alyssa Norman?


Officer Tommy Norman’s daughter Alyssa Norman has passed away at a very young age. What happened to her? Here’s what we know.

Tommy Norman is a longtime patrolman, an officer for the North Little Rock Police. He is recognized as one of the most charitable guys in the area.

Tommy will be honored by the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award very soon. The award is given to those with 4,000 hours of volunteerism.

Despite, Norman being one of the most celebrated cops, very few know about his personal life. What happened to his daughter Alyssa Norman?

Death News Of Tommy Norman Daughter: Is Alyssa Norman Dead?

Officer Tommy Norman’s only daughter Alyssa Norman is dead.

Her demise was announced by Tommy himself in an emotional Instagram post. Although, the official news has not arrived.

Tommy Norman wrote: ” My beautiful daughter Alyssa “daddy’s girl” is gone”.

She passed away exactly on November 18, 2021, during the early morning. Her death cause has not been mentioned.

Tommy Norman was extremely close with his only daughter. Despite being divorced, he loved her even taught her lots of things about charity.

Five hours before the demise news was announced,  Norman had made a text post on Instagram.

There he wrote: ” Please Keep Me & My Family in Your Prayers”. With the arrival of such a post, people were already praying for their favorite cop.

More details such as Alyssa Norman’s death cause and funeral arrangement will be released very soon.

Alyssa Norman Age: How Old In 2021?

Alyssa Norman’s age is 26 years old. However, there are no details on her birthday.

Tommy’s daughter’s age was identified through news published in 2016. Then, she was 21 years of age.

Alyssa Norman was still very young at the time of her death. She is probably a University student.

Norman’s daughter was seen active on Instagram. Her handle name was @norman.alyssa. The profile has been deleted as of lately.

Who Is Alyssa Norman Mother?

Alyssa Norman’s mother is the first wife of officer Tommy Norman. Details on her are not available on the Internet.

Presently, officer Norman is dating Rosalynd Guiden. She is the former girlfriend of Razorback football standout Cobi Hamilton.


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