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Are Jess And Andrew Still Together? Jess Farmer Wants A Wife

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Are Jess And Andrew Still Together? Jess Farmer Wants A Wife

Are Jess And Andrew Still Together? Jess Farmer Wants A Wife

Jess from Farmer Wants A Wife is an age of 27 years old. What is her last name and Instagram? Find Out.

The 11th season of Australia’s hit reality series Farmer Wants a Wife has finally come to an end. Among all the bachelors, sheep farmer Andrew is still together with Jess.

The couple has proved that there is more to life than just the show.

Jess From Farmer Wants A Wife Age

Jess from Framer Wants a Wife is of 27 years old age.

She got popular as a contestant at Australia’s number one dating show. Likewise, Jess was the lucky girl to steal the heart of Farmer Andrew.

Andrew and Jess have a 3 years old age gap. In fact, the former is the age of 30 years old.

Nonetheless, their small age difference is something that can be easily overlooked with the bond they have. Even after 6 months of the show’s filming, Andrew and Jess are still together with each other.



Jess even announced her love for the farmer via an Instagram post. She wrote, “Andrew you have my whole heart. 7 months on and I can finally let the world know that I have found my penguin.”.

The love birds seem to be enjoying most of the time together.

What is Jess From Framer Wants a Wife Last Name?

Jess From Framer Wants a Wife goes by the last name of Nathan.

Nathan is originally from Melbourne, Victoria. Likewise, Jess is a community relations manager by the job.

On the other hand, her partner is a farmer from Delegate, New South Wales. It is even rumored that Jess and Andrew want to raise a family on the farm, as the latter had always wished for.



However, the love road for Jess and Andrew was not so easy.

Apparently, Jess has claimed that the show makers tried to keep the couple apart. They reportedly even tried to leave the series before the finale. However, their request was allegedly denied.

Everything turned out to be fine for the love birds nonetheless.

Meet Jess Farmer Wants a Wife on Instagram

Jess’s Instagram bio @jessnathan_ entails her as the contestant of Farmer Wants a Wife.

She is pretty popular on IG with over 13.1k followers. Similarly, she seems to enjoy traveling a lot.

Despite Jess’s success in Farmer Wants a Wife, she doesn’t have a Wiki bio yet.

The reality star has found her happiness with her other half. In fact, Andrew also made his relationship public on Instagram by stating “I can’t wait to move forward with our journey and not have to hide it away from the world. Love you, babe”.


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