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Are Ferland Mendy And Ben Mendy Related? Are They Borthers?

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Are Ferland Mendy And Ben Mendy Related? Are They Borthers?


Is Ferland Mendy Ben Mendy Brother? Wife Or Girlfriend

Is Ben Mendy brother of Ferland Mendy? Let us find out in the article below.

Ferland Mendy, whose full name is Ferland Sinna Mendy, and Ben Mendy, also known as Benjamin Mendy, are speculated to be brothers.

It is obvious for people to think of them as brothers. The two share a common surname and are both French. However, the two football players are not brothers and are not related in any way.

Breaking this to the fans that Ferland Mendy and Ben Mendy are not brothers.

Although they share many common attributes, they are not related to each other. For instance, both French footballers share the common surname ‘Mendy.’ 

Likewise, both the players started their football career at the Frech football club, Le Havre.

Ben, 27 years old, is a French professional footballer who currently plays for an English club, Manchester City.

He plays best in the position of left-back. The player got transferred to Machester City from his former French club Marseille in 2017. 

He has scored two goals in his fifty appearances for the top English football club. Besides, he made his debut for the France U16 team in 2009.

The French footballer has been playing for the France national senior football team since 2017.

Talking about the other Mendy, Ferland is also a French footballer who is of Senegalese descent.

The 26-year-old footballer plays in the position of left-back for the Spanish football club, Real Madrid. He got transferred to Real Madrid in 2019.

The footballer has scored two goals in his fifty-one appearance for the Spanish football club. Previously, he played for a French football club, Lyon. 

Although he is not related to Ben, he is a cousin of another Senegalese professional footballer, Édouard Mendy. He plays as a goalkeeper for an English football club, Chelsea.

Ferland Mendy Age: How Old is He?

Ferland Mendy is currently of age 26. 

He was born on 8 June 1995 in Meulan-en-Yvelines, France.

The French footballer is pretty tall, with a height of 5 feet 11 inches.

Who Is Ferland Mendy Wife Or Girlfriend?

Ferland Mendy has not opened up about his wife or girlfriend.

The Real Madrid left-back seems to be enjoying the peak of his career and work hard to win trophies with his team.

Meet Ferland Mendy Parents

There are no details on Ferland Mendy’s parents.

Reportedly, his father was originally from Senegal, and his mother was from Guinea.

Find Out Ferland Mendy Net Worth

Ferland Mendy has not disclosed his exact amount of net worth.

However, his current base salary is £2.5 million, according to the source.

He had signed a six-year contract with Real Madrid for an initial fee of €48 million.

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