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April Tracy, Girlfriend Hannah Death Cause Explored: Meet Drew Jacobs Wife

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April Tracy, Girlfriend Hannah Death Cause Explored: Meet Drew Jacobs Wife

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Who is Drew Jacobs’ girlfriend? This article covers everything that we know about his deceased and current lover. 

Drew Jacobs is an American county musician.

He is an independent artist who is quite successful, with over 240 thousand monthly listeners on Spotify. Further, his YouTube account also has 147 thousand subscribers. Stats like that make him one of country music’s rising stars.

Drew’s songs include Missin’ and Wishin’, Redneck Rockstar, The Thunder Rolls, and several others.

Drew Jacobs Wife – Married Life & Family

Drew Jacobs isn’t married. Hence, no married life. However, he has a girlfriend named April Tracy.

The artist hasn’t revealed much about her. However, her Instagram account, @aprilntracy, hints at the University of Michigan. Either she studies there or is an alum.

Drew seems to have found himself a new love after the untimely demise of his previous girlfriend in 2019. He posts a lot of pictures together in his Instagram posts.

Despite hinting a lot about his love life, he hasn’t disclosed much about his family. However, we know that he was born on 15 November 1996 in Michigan, Detroit. So his family is likely to live in that area. Nevertheless, his family probably are proud of him for his successful career.

Drew Jacobs Girlfriend Death Cause

Drew Jacobs’s girlfriend Hannah died on 27 December 2019. As for the cause of her death, it probably was heart-related.

Although there aren’t any confirmations, it is likely to be the case. On 16 October of that year, she had open-heart surgery. Whatsmore, her boyfriend got a tattoo of flowers that looked like an actual human heart in September 2020.

Drew reported the news with an Instagram post where he wrote that he lost the love of his life, who was the greatest thing to happen to him, the night before. He further added that she was way out of his league, and it was like winning a lottery being with her. 

He wrote that he wanted to be more like Hanna, who taught him to be a better person. Likewise, he also said that she taught him quick to love and slow to anger, and always try to see the best in people. 

The musician had a crush the moment he laid his eyes on her in the English class of the 9th grade. He saw her as someone who made everything brighter and beautiful in the classroom.  

There are a lot of posts referencing Jacobs’ late girlfriend on Instagram and other social media platforms.

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