Anti-Vaxxer Moe Darling Was Arrested In Ilwaco For Assault Charged- What Happened?

Anti-Vaxxer Moe Darling Was Arrested In Ilwaco For Assault Charged- What Happened?


Why Was Moe Darling Arrested? Vince McLeod Realtor Washington

Anti Vaxxer Moe Darling was arrested- Why was she taken into custody? A realtor was assaulted and harassed by Darling and her husband, Vince McLeod. 

The new incident happened on Sunday in the area of Ilwaco, Washington. A woman named Alyssa Cuellar posted the video on Facebook Sunday, warning those bystanders and local community members. 

As per the Daily Dot, The woman who attacked her named Moe Darling works with disabled children. A recently updated post confirms that she fired one of her employees for injecting the COVID-19 vaccine in the US.

As we can hear the rumors and news in magazines, people died after getting the Covid-19 vaccine. 

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Want to learn more about Moe Darling’s private life. Keep reading.

Moe Darling was arrested for assaulting and harassing a woman named Alyssa Cuellar. She was assaulted by Moe outside the grocery store. 

She uploaded the video on Facebook with a warning message. The video has become the talk of the town. You won’t believe all this fiasco came up just because of a bumper sticker on her car reading “Abolish ICE.”

In the entire video, Moe was provoking her by using abusive words like B****h, C*t, and many more.

The video was uploaded on TikTok too. As per her recent updated posts, TikTok has now blocked Alyssa from posting or interacting at all. Is TikTok racist too? She questioned.

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Whatsoever, the Police arrested, charged, and released her due to COVID-19 guidelines. But still, she will be under observation. 

Nothing much is known about Moe’s children right now. However, Alyssa has a young child with her who was pretty scared by Moe’s aggressive actions. 

Moe Darling Husband Vince McLeod- Is He A Realtor In Washington?

Moe Darling’s husband, Vince McLeod has been fired from his job at Lands Edge Realty, as per Alyssa’s FB page.

The raw incident took place in Astoria, Oregon, on Sunday evening. Cuella didn’t want her car to be damaged as Moe’s husband Vince came with a lot of anger. 

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Besides that, she is a married woman. She said, “That’s my husband, he’s a marine, he’s not gonna touch your car, you little c–t”.

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According to the reports, Moe was taken to clatsop county jail. By her look and appearance, Moe must be around 55-60 years old.

We can watch the entire video on TikTok and Alyssa’s Facebook page as well. 

Nevertheless, Moe is active on Twitter. She often shares or tweets COVID-19 pandemic news on this platform. 

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