Andy Cartwright Wife, Biography, Age Wikipedia, Kids & Murder- Is She Arrested & In Jail?

Andy Cartwright Wife, Biography, Age Wikipedia, Kids & Murder- Is She Arrested & In Jail?


Marina Kokhal On Instagram: Meet Andy Cartwright’s Wife Who Dismembered Him With Hackshaw


Is Marina Kokhal On Instagram? Rapper Andy Cartwright was supposedly still alive when his wife cleaved him up using a blade and hacksaw before she fed bits of his body to rodents. 

Andy Cartwright was purportedly killed by his significant other, Marina Kokhal, at their home in St. Petersburg in a case that stunned Russia.

Marina has confessed to dissecting Andy’s body, yet guaranteed the death was from a drug overdose and denies killing him.

We have put everything together you need to know about Marina. Read on the article to find more.

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Andy Cartwright Wife: Marina Kokhal On Instagram

Unfortunately, Marina Kokhal can’t be traced on Instagram, as she, as well as Andy Cartwright, seemed to be missing from the social media platforms at the time of writing.

Andy Cartwright whose genuine name was Alexander Yushko was still alive when his wife Marina Kokhal supposedly “started directing him” after he was deprived of oxygen.

Kokhal, however, claimed that she cleaved up the 30-year-old’s remaining parts so his fans could never realize he had died such an “ignoble demise” and planned to report him as a missing individual.

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Marina Kokhal Age And Wiki Explored

According to multiple reports, Marina Kokhal’s present age is claimed to be 37 years old, which means she was born somewhere around 1984.

Apparently, Kokhal has been a horrific topic for discussion. Her doings have shocked people all around the world. There are several articles written about her where her wiki can be explored.

At the very moment, we are unable to trace out her personal information due to some private matter.

Does Andy Cartwright And Marina Kokhal Have Kids?

As per the study, Marina Kokhal does have a 4-year-old son with her former husband, Andy Cartwright. Apart from this, there is no such news describing their personal life.

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However, Mariona Kokhal’s story has once stunned the world for its ultra-violent nature and phenomenal viciousness.

Murder: Is Marina Kokhal Arrested And In Jail?

Reportedly, the Russian woman Marina Kokhal was arrested in August 2020 and from that point forward she had argued not liable to be a homicide, however she confessed to dismantling his body over four days.

According to Kokhal’s statement, the rapper was having an affair with a 26-year-old fan. Regardless of the law requirement’s endeavors, however, there was no proof that she killed him.

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