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Andrew Marr Extra-Marital Affair Scandal With A Fellow Journalist And Everything We Know

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Andrew Marr Extra-Marital Affair Scandal With A Fellow Journalist And Everything We Know

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Once, Andrew Marr’s affair scandal took a huge turn, and to cover his mistake and protect his marriage, he even approached a conceal method.

Andrew Marr is known as a presenter of BBC1’s Andrew Marr Show.

Besides appearing in the show and his presentation skills, the journalist is also involved as an elderly amateur painter.

Marr’s recent announcement about leaving his current job on BBC after 21 years created an uproar on the internet and among some people.

Andrew Marr Affair Scandal Explained

Andrew Marr’s extramarital affair scandal once made huge headlines in the year 2011.

During that time, the BBC presenter voluntarily accepted publicly his attempts to conceal his affair and cheating. It is found that he even tried to suppress the reports of his inappropriate relationship with the third party.

It was also believed that he became the father of that unnamed woman’s child but, later, the journalist used a DNA test and found through it that he was not the biological father of the girl child.

Is Andrew Marr Still Married To His Wife Jackie?

Andrew Marr is still married to his wife Jackie Ashley even after being wedded for more than 30 years.

His wife has engagement in the reputed channel Guardian as a columnist. Furthermore, this couple shares three common children with each other. Well, they have an older son and two younger daughters.

Actually, Andrew had a brief relationship history with an unmarried woman with whom he had a brief relationship eight years ago. And, that woman is also believed to be his fellow political journalist.

It is found that the so-called daughter of him and the journalist, with whom he had an affair, is in her teenage period now.

Why Is Andrew Marr Leaving BBC?

Andrew Marr is leaving BBC to write and present political and cultural shows, and to write for newspapers in Global.

Likewise, he also stated that Marr is keen to get his own voice back.

Recently, this news is personally announced by the BBC presenter via his Twitter. Andrew also shared that he has been doing Andrew Marr show for 16 years now and it is already more than enough for any person.

Thus, along with presenting, the 62-year-old Marr has also set his focus on the writing platform at present.

Andrew Marr and Tory Details

Andrew Marr recently skewered Keir Starmer about Tory sleaze matters as per Daily Express.


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