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Andrew Cuomo Accuser Brittany Commisso- Biography, Wikipedia and How Old Is She?

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Andrew Cuomo Accuser Brittany Commisso- Biography, Wikipedia and How Old Is She?


Brittany Commisso Age Wikipedia And Net Worth – How Old Is She?

Brittany Commisso of age 32 is making headlines as one of Andrew Cuomo accusers. Get to know her better.

Brittany is the wife of Frank Commisso jr. Frank is a former member of the Common Council.

Brittany Commisso is 32 years of age. It means she was born either in 1988 or 1989.

But the exact date of her birth is a mystery for now. In addition, the lady has not shared anything regarding her childhood and early life.

Likewise, Commisso is yet to mention any details about her parents and family background. Also, we are unaware of her academic background too.

Brittany was born and raised in Albany, New York. Also, some sources on the internet report she is a follower of the Christian religion.

Also, Brittany Commisso on her photos appears to have a height of around 5 feet and 4 inches tall. Also, the lady belongs to a white ethnic background with grey hair.

Find Brittany Commisso On Wikipedia

Brittany Commisso has not been on Wikipedia yet. Nonetheless, she has her bio covered in numerous web portals as of now.

Brittany Cammisa aka Andrew Cuomo accuser is all over the internet at the moment. She was renowned as Executive Assistant #1.

Commisso accused the New York governor Cuomo of sexual abuse. She alleged him groping her and touching her inappropriately a number of times.

In addition, Andrew has been blamed for grabbing her breast when he was hugging Brittany. The offense has been rumored to begin at the very moment.

Brittany exposed Andrew during an interview with CBS This Morning. She added the deeds of the Governor to be a crime for which he should account.

She has been working at the NY Governor’s office for over four years now. But Cuomo has denied all the allegations.

Brittany Commisso Net Worth Exposed

Brittany Commisso’s net worth is yet to surface on the internet. It is not clear how much fortune she has made so far.

Commisso made a salary of $62k per year when she began her job as an assistant in 2019. Prior to that, she was a secret stenographer for the Department of Transportation.

Who Is Brittany Commisso Husband?

Brittany Commisso and her husband Frank Commisso Jr are set to divorce soon. They had married on December 10, 2016.

About Brittany’s children, she and her partner share a daughter who has reached 6 years old. Their divorce is scheduled for the 14th of August.

Actually, Mr. Commisso was a Common Council member. He could not win a mayoral campaign in 2017.

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