Andrea Saget Death Age 32 From Aneurysm – What Happened To Bob Saget Sister?

Andrea Saget Death Age 32 From Aneurysm – What Happened To Bob Saget Sister?
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Bob Saget’s sister Andrea Saget’s death from Aneurysm is making rounds recently after the news of his passing away. 

Tributes and obituaries are flowing in for American stand-up comedian Bob Saget. His cause of death has not been revealed and his fans are feeling nostalgic towards the artist’s performances.

With this recent tragedy, the interest around Bob’s siblings, parents and family is also tremendous. His late sister Andrea is rarely mentioned online, here is what we know about her disease and death.

Andrea Saget Death From Aneurysm: What Happened To Bob Saget Sister?

Andrea Saget died from an unusual disease called Aneurysm when she was very young. Her death probably broke Bob into pieces as he had to handle the loss of one of the most precious family members.

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The aneurysm is usually caused by weak blood vessels and results in swelling of the blood vessel which looks like a ballon. The bulge in the blood vessel pressurizes the brain tissues or nerves. What follows after that is rupture and spilling of blood causing serious complications which might lead to death.

On the other hand, Bob’s sister Gay Saget also died due to a disease at a fairly young age. Gay had scleroderma; which is a condition that involves hardening of connective tissues and skin tightening.

With the loss of two sisters, Bob went on the write and direct a 1996 film ‘For Hope’. This was actually inspired by Gay’s battle against the disease. He further worked on Scleroderma Research Foundation Board.

Andrea Saget Age Was 32 Years Old

Andrea Saget’s age at the time of her demise was 32 years old. However, other than her age and cause of death, not much is available on the web. Her name has once again come into the limelight after her famous comedian brother dies today due to unknown reasons.

Even though her profession is not known, her father was a retired Senior Executive of a supermarket chain, and her mother was an Administrative Executive Assistant for the Children’s Hospital.

Andrea Saget Husband And Family

Andrea Saget’s husband or married life has never come out in the news. She might have been married or in a relationship that has always been hidden from the public eyes.

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Coming towards her family, she had had to cope with quite a few losses. Her father Benjamin passed away in the year 2007 due to heart failure and its complications. Similarly, her mother Rosalyn Saget had a tragic death due to abdominal cancer.

It is unclear if Andrea was alive to see the death of her parents or not but Gay did pass away before 1996. Andrea and Bob also lost their twin brothers at the time of birth.

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