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Andre Hanscombe Biography, Wikipedia, Net Worth – Meet Alex Hanscombe Father, Rachel Nickell’s Son

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Andre Hanscombe Biography, Wikipedia, Net Worth – Meet Alex Hanscombe Father, Rachel Nickell’s Son


Meet Alex Hanscombe Father Andre Hanscombe – Rachel Nickell’s Son

Alex Hanscombe and his father, Andre Hanscombe, share an incredible connection. Read to learn more about Andre.

Alex Hanscombe saw his mother being sexually assaulted and murdered when he was just two years old.

The murder case shocked the whole nation. The real killer was found only after 16 years of the murder. The wrongly accused of the murder, Collins Stagg, gets an apology and £706,000 as compensation.

Who is the father of Alex Hanscombe? Andre Hanscombe

Andre Hanscombe is the father of Alex Hanscombe. The father and son are linked not just by blood. 

They also share an unfortunate bond to the murder of the model Rachel Nickel. She was murdered in broad daylight in front of he two years old son. 

Besides the tragic death of her lover, Andre also had a pretty upset childhood. His parents divorced when he was just a five-year-old boy. He was raised by her single mother when till he was nine. Then he was taken by his father who remained quite distant from him.

Instead of focusing on toys and attention, Andre wanted to provide stability for his son. 

After the traumatic event that Alex just went through, he started to become depressed whenever he was reminded of it. Even meeting his grandparents would trigger an unhappy event for him. And hence Andre made the decision to keep him away from everything that connects Alex from his past. 

Deceit: Excellent 4-part drama about the murder of Rachel Nickell on Wimbledon Common in ’92, and how the police tried to convict Colin Stagg. Great stuff.

— Dave G.P. (@BentheCrew) August 22, 2021

Find Andre Hanscombe on Instagram

To our disappointment, we cannot find Andre on Instagram. We also cannot find his trace on any other social media platforms.

We also cannot find his son Alex on any Social media accounts. They were probably still scared of the murder and wanted to maintain the low profile.

Andre fleed the country right after the murder suspect, Collin Stagg, was charged not guilty by the court. Stagg was the loner of the neighborhood where Rachel lived. 

After Stagg was charged not guilty by the court, Andre saw many dangers surrounding him and his son.

His son could still identify the suspect, which can make him the next target of the murderer. And Hence, Andre leaves the country to take refugee from his girlfriend’s killers and other angry suspects and is also not seen on any social accounts. 

Rachel Nickell’s son still vividly remembers her murder

Alex Hanscombe, the son of Rachel Nickell is in his early 30s. He wrote a book remembering the day he saw his mother taking her last breath. 

He still remembers the day her mother was killed and how he can do nothing but call for his mommy to wake up. Alex was found crying by his dead mother’s side by a passerby.

The book is named ” Letting go: A true story of murder, loss and survival.”

This boy saw his mum being murdered at 2 years old. Rachel Nickell’s son Alex is now 27 and is inspirational to listen to @BBCRadio2

— Jeremy Vine (@theJeremyVine) May 18, 2017

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