Alison Coleman Photos Surfaces, NSW Pfizer Vaccine Death Victim Was 7 Years Old

Alison Coleman Photos Surfaces, NSW Pfizer Vaccine Death Victim Was 7 Years Old


Young Alison Coleman died after receiving the first dose of Pfizer Vaccine. Scroll down to learn more about the incident.

Alison Coleman, a young Australian girl, recently passed away. She allegedly died after being vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Following this, Family, friends, and the whole New South Wales community are enraged.  And they are confident that the vaccine is to blame.

Folks are fearful of the Pfizer vaccine after hearing about the death of Alison Coleman in Sydney.

The situation is made worse, not only for the Coleman family. Many people have already been vaccinated, and many more are in the process of being immunized.

Following a spike in omicron variant cases in the country, the Australian government recently introduced an operation to vaccinate young children aged 5 to 11.

🔴 Today 12-Jan-2022 — ALLISON COLEMAN, a 7-year-old Australian girl, received her first dose of Pfizer’s vaccine on 1/11. She lay down at night and died in her sleep from cardiac arrest. Family and friends are outraged and have no doubt that the vaccine was the cause of death.

— Janebond (@Janebon34813396) January 12, 2022

The step got launched in light of children’s high vulnerability and risk of exposure to the virus. However, the decision did not appear to be successful, as the vaccine seems to be deadly to children.

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According to reports, the young girl was vaccinated by Pfizer on January 11th. And she died barely 24 hours after being inoculated.

Obituary: NSW Child Alison Coleman Was 7 Years Old

According to the obituaries, NSW child, Alison Coleman was seven years old at the time of her demise.

Alison’s body allegedly displayed a damaging effect after the immunization process. It’s possible that it triggered an allergic reaction, which eventually resulted in cardiac arrest.

Vaccine: Allison Coleman Death And Obituary, No Death News Of Allison Coleman? Bio And Vaccine Death: What Happened?

— KeedaNews (@keedanewss) January 13, 2022

However, since the investigation is still going on, it is not clear whether the vaccine was the cause of the 7-year-old’s death.

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On the other hand, various groups of people are tweeting that Alison’s death is a complete fabrication.

It is currently difficult to determine whether the news is legitimate or a scam. Still, there’s no need to be anxious because the formal announcement is expected soon.

Alison Coleman Parents Details

Since the official news on Alison Coleman has not arrived yet, there is currently no info on her parents.

According to the recent unofficial news, Alison lived with her family in Sydney, Australia,

If the news is accurate, the Coleman family must be heartbroken, as they have lost an angel in their lives.

There is a fake child death spreading about Allison Coleman in Australia. The obituary is American. Don’t believe all the rubbish that is posted

— Tianne Albrow (@TianneAlbrow) January 12, 2022

In the Meantime, Alison’s photos recently went widespread on Twitter. And based on the pictures, it’s reasonable to assume she grew up in an average Australian home.

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Alison Coleman Wikipedia Explored

Since the Alison Coleman death case is still under investigation, information about it is unavailable on websites such as Wikipedia.

However, since the issue has become a hot topic, dividing the public into two camps, one claiming the case is phony and the other claiming it is factual, we expect the officials will quickly clear up this snafu.

Therefore, We’ll be sure to keep you updated on Alison Coleman’s case as soon as further official information becomes available.

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