Alex Stovall Biography, Wikipedia, Age and Net Worth: Project Veritas Video Exposed For Congress Arizona Politician Lying

Alex Stovall Biography, Wikipedia, Age and Net Worth: Project Veritas Video Exposed For Congress Arizona Politician Lying


25-year-old politician Alex Stovall got exposed after Project Veritas revealed a video about his contradicting statements.

African American public servant Alex Stovall is the candidate for the Republican primary 2022.

The young man admitted that former president Donald Trump is most likely to endorse him as he is of African American heritage.

Indeed, he hid being a conservative as the citizens did not like it.

Moreover, he admitted that his policies didn’t matter as long as he had his skin color. According to him, caucasian people are most likely to vote for him to appear less white.

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Politician Alex Stovall got exposed after a video got leaked by Project Veritas.

In the video, the young African American politician called his party disgusting.

He claimed that the McCarthys, Cawthrons, and the audit are bull crap and admitted to having no respect for fellow politician Candace Owens.

Allegedly, the Republicans generated over 10 million dollars from the audit.

The contradictory statements he made on-air and in the clip are causing distrust among his supporters.

Who Is Alex Stovall? Wikipedia Bio And Age

Republican Alex Stovall is currently 25 years old. He was born on the 14th of January,1995.

He grew up in his hometown Tucson Arizona.

The young lad got his education from Grand Canton University, graduating with a master’s degree in 2021.

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Before joining the university, he served in the American Army. He started his service in 2013 and is currently an Army Reserve.

Who Is Alex Stovall Wife? Family Explored

Alex Stovall is not married currently. The young politician is focused on his career and has no time for love.

Not only that, he lives a private life, posting nothing except his work.

During thanksgiving, he visited his cousin Loc and met his other family members, further confirming that he does not have a wife or partner.

Unfortunately, he has deleted his Instagram following the controversy. 

Instead, you can follow him on his Twitter handle and be part of his eight thousand followers.

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Moreover, he promised to state the whole ordeal tomorrow. He revealed they he will do an expose on the names he mentions in the video.

Alex Stovall Net Worth 2021

The net worth of Alex Stovall is still under review. He makes his living by working as a politician.

Previously, he served in the army but decided to join politics after completing his education.

After joining the republican party, he decided to run for Arizona’s 9th Congressional District and Arizona’s 7th Congressional District.

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