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Aiden Bilyard Biography, Age, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Parents, Family, And Facebook Photos: Man Arrested Who Assaulted Cops On Capitol Riot From North Carolina

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Aiden Bilyard Biography, Age, Wikipedia, Net Worth, Parents, Family, And Facebook Photos: Man Arrested Who Assaulted Cops On Capitol Riot From North Carolina


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Aiden Bilyard is a 19-year-old boy who has been found spraying bear spray on officers at the US Capitol. Here are some details from his parents to his family. 

Aiden Bilyard is a young boy who has been charged in connection to January 6 Capital Riots.

Aiden Henry Bilyard was arrested in Raleigh on Monday on charges of physical violence.

He appeared in court on Monday and was released pending further proceedings, according to federal officials.

Aiden Bilyard is a young boy whose age is now 19 years old. 

Aiden was among many peoples who were arrested in connection with the Capital Riots that happened on the 6th of January.

Aiden was found spraying a Bear Spray over an officer, and the photos for the incident have also been found.

Although he has been released, he is still marked as a suspect.

According to the findings of the US Department of Justice, Bilyard’s mother admitted to finding the gold canister of bear spray in her son’s car and throwing it away.

Bilyard is the fifteenth person arrested in North Carolina in connection with the Capitol riots.

Is Aiden Bilyard Arrested?

No, as of now, Aiden Bilyard is not arrested.

He was released on Monday and will report to the police unless the further proceedings are clear.

So for now, Aiden is not in custody and was sent home.

But he might have to appear in the courtroom if asked for, as he is not been released from the charges.

“I think this is where I take my leave,” Bilyard said at the end of the interview after an investigator presented evidence that he did break the law.

He admitted to the investigator that he was on the grounds of the United States Capitol on January 6, but he claimed he did not violate the law.

Aiden Bilyard Parents And Family Detials

Aiden Bilyard’s parents are not happy with their findings of Aiden.

Bilyard’s mother did confess that he was caring a bear spray during the days of riots.

Aiden has not yet revealed much about his parents in a family in the social or mainstream media.

Aiden Bilyard Facebook Photos

Aiden Bilyard’s Facebook account is yet to be found, but his photos are on Facebook.

The photos of him spraying on an officer is still available but are hard to find.

Facebook has almost deleted all the photos of riots that have happened in the US capital.

Aiden has been called off from Facebook, and it seems that his accounts have been deleted.

So for now, Aiden is not available on any social media, and nothing much is known about his personal life either.

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