Adalia Rose Father Ryan Pallante And Mother Natalie Pallante – Are They Her Biological Parents?

Adalia Rose Father Ryan Pallante And Mother Natalie Pallante – Are They Her Biological Parents?


Adalia Rose has left behind her parents, father Ryan Pallante, mother Natalie Pallante, and the whole world as of January 12. Get to reminisce the inspiring life of the late Adalia with us below!

Adalia Rose peacefully passed away on January 12 at 7 pm.

She was predominantly known as the YouTuber with progeria, a rare genetic condition that makes the body age faster than normal.

Despite her acute health condition, Rose went on to be loved by millions as she inspired many with such medical conditions not to shy away.

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She lived a life full of her content garnering only love and positivity until her death today.

Meet Adalia Rose Father Ryan Pallante And Mother Natalie Pallante

Adalia Rose was always loved and supported by her parents; father Ryan Pallante and mother Natalie Pallante.

Her YouTube channel was mainly supported by her mother Natalie while her father also appeared on them.

Aside from their parents; everyone in the Pallante family was very supportive of their sister, the late, Adalia.

The Pallante couple aka Adalia’s beloved parents is still active on various social media platforms.

Thus, they have become well-known personalities on the web alongside Adalia.

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Now that Adalia has passed away, her parents are broken to the core. Meanwhile, they have released an official statement that the family will be mourning in private.

Are They Adalia Rose Biological Parents?

Adalia Rose’s parents include her biological mother Natalie while her father, Ryan is her stepfather.

The name and whereabouts of her biological father are not accessible at the moment.

Natalie and Adalia, both did not talk about Adalia’s biological father.

Even so, it is a known fact that Ryan was Adalia’s father in real as he brought her up with needed medical support.

Likewise, he also provided Adalia with a very supportive fatherly relationship and healthy family life.

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Thus, Ryan never received any negative talk or backlash on his parenting. Instead, he has become a role model ideal father-figure to other fathers as well.

Adalia Rose Siblings and Family Details

Adalia Rose spent her days in a happy family with her three other siblings.

Marcelo, Niko, Emiliano, and her parents are her surviving family members.

The Pallante family has their own Instagram handle, @pallantetribe.

The family resides in Austin, Texas, and is well-known in their community, particularly due to their internet fame.

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