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Aaminah Vicosa: Robert Vicosa Dead With Daughter- Who Is Her Mother

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Aaminah Vicosa: Robert Vicosa Dead With Daughter- Who Is Her Mother


Aaminah Vicosa is the younger daughter of the father who abducted her. Find out more updates about the news here. 

Robert Vicosa, the father of two daughters, gunpoint the woman captivating her, and then abducted the little girl of his own. They have been on the run ever since the event happened.

The police team was searching for the father and the daughters. Up until recently, they were all found dead along with Robert’s companion.

The case has taken a turn after their decease.  A lot of queries linked to this investigation have remained unanswered.

Who Is Aaminah Vicosa?

Aaminah Vicosa is the six-year-old daughter of Robert Vicosa, a.k.a, Robert Brown. She together with her sister, Giana Vicosa of 7-year-old was abducted by her father.

Since her kidnapping, the police have searched for the young girls, but now their search has been over. Aamniah, her sister Giana, her father Robert, and his accomplice Tia were all found dead on a scene.

Little Aaminah, who, just started to learn about the world, lost her life at such a young age. The child was charismatic with a pleasant personality.

Nobody would know such a thing would happen to the poor little girl. People have been praying for the children’s souls at present.

Aaminah Vicosa – Robert Vicosa Dead With Daughter

Robert was known for working in the Baltimore County Police Department together with his accomplice Bynum. They have served the department of criminal investigation during their time of work.

However, Robert got fired, and Bynum got suspended, taking all their police power. At present, the reason behind Robert kidnapping his daughters has remained unknown.

With the father founding dead with the daughter, the whole thing has become more complicated than before.

As per the Maryland State Police Information Officer, they did find the vehicle of four people with gunshots. However, as the case is still under investigation, the identity of the individuals has been kept concealed.

Aaminah Vicosa – Who Is Her Mother?

Aaminah Vicosa’s mother pleaded for the safe return of the girls when Robert kidnapped them. The identity of her mom is yet to reveal at the moment.

As per her complaint, Vicosa gunpoint his wife for several hours and captivated her. For now, we are not sure how the mother is coping up with all the devastating news.

She is now mourning for her daughter’s passing away. At the same time, the police team is investigating the case further, hoping to find more clues.

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