48 Hours: Where Is Rahul Gupta Today? Mark Waugh Murder Case Update & Trial -Details To Know

48 Hours: Where Is Rahul Gupta Today? Mark Waugh Murder Case Update & Trial -Details To Know


Where Is Rahul Gupta Today? Here are all the latest updates on the convicted murderer of the Mark Waugh murder case!

Rahul Gupta is the convicted murderer of his friend, Mark Waugh.

While Gupta was put to his final verdict in 2015, the case still hit the headlines due to the strangeness of the case.

Thus, the murder case of Mark Waugh received wide media attention and even coverage from TV shows like 48 Hours.

Likewise, the netizens are often intrigued to know the current situation of the case and the people involved in it.

Rahul Gupta is currently in prison, serving his life imprisonment sentence for the ruthless killing of his friend, Mar Waugh.

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The precise particulars on his whereabouts are not on display.

Meanwhile, it is confirmed that he is still under the watchful eye of law enforcement in his jail cell.

On the other hand, his ex-girlfriend Taylor Gould has also stayed away from media attention.

She and her relationship with both men were the reason behind the murder, which has also become national attention.

Thus, she has excused herself from the limelight and currently lives a private and normal life.

Rahul Gupta Wikipedia And Age Explored

According to our sources, Rahul Gupta’s current age falls around his mid-30s.

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When the murder occurred on October 12, he was 25 years old.

However, the insiders into his birth date are still into consideration.

Gupta is of Indian origin and was a biomedical student at the mishappening.

His victim, Waugh, was a law student, and the three, Gupta, Waugh, and Gould, were enjoying the night drinking heavily.

Initially, Gupta had accused Gould of cheating on him with Waugh.

Thus, the hate for Waugh prompted Gupta to stab and slash him at that time.

Gould had testified that she could not remember the incident night at the time of the trial.

What Happened To Rahul Gupta? Mark Waugh Murder Case Update and Trial

Rahul Gupta’s final verdict took 4 1/2 hours to conclude.

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The jury sentenced him to life in prison for ruthlessly killing Waugh.

The Mark Waugh murder case often finds a place in media updates as the trial incidents were what caught the attention of everyone.

At first, Gupta had voluntarily confessed that he did it because Waugh was cheating with his girlfriend.

However, after his final verdict was drawn, he changed his statement and blamed the murder on his girlfriend. 

He alleged that he was trying to save his girlfriend, the real culprit.

His changing statements were what made him notorious in the media and public. 


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